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The bralet’s light support is spot-on for smaller cup sizes, and the scalloped edging looks extra-cute peeking out of a deep-vee top.


S/M 0 to 6 33"-35" 25"-27" 35"-37"
M/L 8 to 10 36"-38" 28"-30" 38"-40"
Small 2 to 4 33"-35" 25"-27" 35"-37"
Medium 6 to 8 36"-38" 28"-30" 38"-40"
Large 10 to 12 38"-40" 31"-33" 41"-43"

A complex yet simply elegant lace pattern makes the Theodora collection a perfect “special occasion” choice—but it’s still comfy enough for every day. The bralet’s light support is spot-on for smaller cup sizes, and the scalloped edging looks extra-cute peeking out of a deep-vee top. A stunning wire-free bra no lingerie drawer should be without!

85% Nylon / 15% Spandex Lace

- Lace Bralet
- Wide Lace and Picot Edge Elastic Underbust
- Adjustable Straps
- Imported
- Hand Wash Cold


5 day workout schedule to tone and lose weight

Eberjey was born in 1996 from the belief that the layer worn next to the heart should express happiness, love and confidence­ all the things that make a woman truly beautiful. Noticing a distinct lack of lingerie that spoke to this belief, co-founders Ali Mejia and Mariela Rovito, ventured to fill this void by creating pretty underthings that flattered real bodies and felt good too.

Eberjey has now grown from a beloved lingerie brand to an even-more beloved worldwide lifestyle brand.  Throughout its success and incredible journey, the ultimate Eberjey goal remains the same: to create must-have pieces that express life, love, and above all JOY!


Alley Rose Lingerie ships from Phoenix, Arizona with average delivery time in 2-3 days. We value your privacy so all items are shipped in non-descript packaging with the return address of ARL, LLC. All credit card transactions are also charged under this generic company name. Tracking information will be made available to you through your member login or email provided upon order completion. For return information, please see our best cardio workouts at the gym for weight loss